The tool brand. For professionals from many different industries.
We combine unique tradition with state-of-the-art know-how, and are prepared to listen to the needs of professional users with an in-depth understanding of the industries in which our customers operate which has developed over many years. This has made us one of the leading brands for hand tools and also innovative tooling and tool transport solutions – in many sectors, all over the world. Our products are used in car manufacturing and servicing and also in industrial production, rail transport, aviation and wind turbine maintenance. And last but not least, our solutions allow farmers, agricultural service companies and countless craft enterprises all over the world to work in a highly efficient and professional way every day.

Request a customised solution now.

For you and many other customers, we develop individual product assemblies to fulfil your needs in different working areas and industries. If you need a customised solution, we will work together with you to work out the best possible tool setup so that your work never stops. Need a bespoke solution? Just give us a call! Our sales employees will work together with you to discuss the options and the next steps.
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