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Each trade has its own requirements. Metalworkers require different tools than builders, plumbers and electricians. Our product range is so extensive that you can find what you need: spanners, pliers, ratchets, torque tools, VDE-tested tools for voltage protection, and much more. With quality that pays for itself, because you will achieve top performance with it for many years. Because: Our tools are some the most durable that the market has to offer.

    Man picking up a hammer from a STAHLWILLE tool bag

    Our tools in action.

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    Perfect ergonomics for safe working.

    Anyone who works with hand-held tools on a daily basis must pay attention to ergonomics. Because incorrect handling or poor ergonomics can lead to health problems or cause slippage, therefore increasing the risk of damage or even injuries. This is why, as part of our development, we emphasize natural grip positions and a tool design that reduces the amount of effort. The same applies to the subject of weight reduction, because every gram counts when the tool is being used.

      Tradesperson with a STAHLWILLE ratchet in his hand

      Do you have questions about our tools for trade businesses?

      Simply contact our specialist in custom tool assemblies and tailor-made workshop trucks and transport solutions. He would be pleased to advise you!
      Contact person for the trades

      Michael Weskott

      Overall sales management VBW

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